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Launch TIDC into the new year!

Support our artists this giving season

$2,185 raised

$10,000 goal

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Trinity Irish Dance Company makes an Impact.

  • ON OUR ART FORM. We are at the helm of a movement to save Irish dance from the spectacle of its overly commercialized renditions. Our diverse and integrity-filled repertoire is forward-looking yet rooted in a reverence for Irish traditions.
  • ON OUR ARTISTS. Our vision attracts Irish dancers from around the world, providing them with the tools to evolve from elite competitors to versatile performing artists. They grow through meaningful collaborations, unique artistic experiences, and building trust in one another. We celebrate their strength, empathy, and individuality.
  • IN OUR COMMUNITIES. Audiences leave our performances feeling joyful, empowered, energized, and inspired. Our artists shatter the fourth wall and connect through high impact, honest performances that send a clear message of female empowerment, as well as outreach programs that build bridges to a better future.

YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT TODAY. As a non-profit, the Trinity Irish Dance Company relies on the support of the communities we serve and the audiences we inspire. Your contribution is an act of ensuring Trinity’s unique forum for creativity holds a safe place for an ancient art form to grow in a meaningful way. Your gift supports 2023 endeavors, including:

  • Dancers' tour expenses for our upcoming season, featuring winter & spring performances across 8 US Cities and a summer tour of Japan (view full 2023 season here)
  • The creation of groundbreaking new work - to be previewed in Japan this summer and world-premiered in the US next year
  • Support for our artists, rehearsal expenses, dance education opportunities, costume repairs, and more.

We are so grateful for your belief in our mission.